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I practise as a psychotherapist with  Men, Women, Couples, Families, Adolescents, Children and Groups.

The word Psychotherapy is made up of two ancient Greek words that describe breath, spirit, soul and healing. When problems or a sense of ill-ease weigh on the spirit, or in modern terms, one’s aliveness, living well is compromised. Being pulled in different directions, or not being able to harness oneself for direction and satisfaction is a suffering. Psychotherapy is a unique conversation that is confidential, meaningful and instructive, and seeks to open up and expand one’s world view.

Mostly, you will seek me out because a problem has become too large to ignore, a solution is needed, along with relief from emotional pain, or old habits and routines have become redundant, or lost their appeal, and a life review has become a necessity.

Seeking solutions to the problems of living is only part of the work. In this meaning generating conversation we work together to look at new ways of thinking and feeling that will provide more optimistic responses to life. Mostly our past needs to be talked about, as the past can create the current conditions that contribute to the problem. Some say I only want to talk about now, off course talking about now is crucial and yet it is not the only conversation to be had, as what is today becomes our past soon enough.

Relief from Problems is a good outcome, along with understanding old pitfalls and triggers that lead to anger, despair and depression. The shared conversation is healing, because it is both feeling and thought driven, and is focussed on you and what has happened, and what can happen constructively in this moment, and in the future.

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