About Boudi

Boudi brings many years of experience working with people.

Boudi first completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter. Then in his 20s, he trained in community development, with an emphasis on youth work, counselling and innovative work cooperative projects. Turning 40, Boudi while living in Australia, trained in family therapy and psychotherapy modalities for a sustained period of 14 years while working as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

Boudi’s experience and multiple perspectives on life, work and relationships equips him in unique ways to assist people in living well and with integrity. Boudi spiritual perspectives include Catholicism, Buddhism and Existentialism, in addition he has five children who have taught him much about fathering and parenting.

Boudi, as an immigrant to New Zealand before coming to Australia in 1989, understands the impacts of change, adjustment and mental health issues specific to migrant families.

Boudi also has a great interest in the way Men and Boys can develop in ways that affirm being male, without resorting to problematic behaviours that wound others and stops healthy personal growth in Men and Boys.

Boudi believes that Men and Boys often miss out on learning opportunities for emotional and psychological health. Boudi is committed to respectful and equal relationships between Women and Men, and has learned much about advocating mutuality and reciprocity in intimate relationships.




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